New poetry book: Coming in September!

“Refreshing in their direct address … and succinct language,” says the New York Times, poems in Barbara Kingsolver’s forthcoming book “place momentary dramas into context and provide a wider window in.” How To Fly (In 10,000 Easy Lessons) will be released by HarperCollins in September.

The poetry offers emotionally rich reflections on the practical, the spiritual, and the wild. The book’s interwoven sections form a carefully patterned whole, from its ‘How to’ poems balancing wry pragmatism with illuminating wisdom, to its quiet, clear-eyed elegies examining death as a vivid slice of life. From start to finish, the poignant meditations in this generous collection trace the complex ties that bind us to one another, and to an untamed world beyond ourselves. In more intimate terms than ever before, Kingsolver dares the reader into a deeper embrace of all that lies between birth and death. “Begin with a quailing heart,” she writes, “for here you stand on the fault line.”

How to Fly will delight Kingsolver’s devotees and welcome new readers to her startling verse.

‘Kingsolver’s power lies in her ability to expound big ideas without losing sight of life’s pulsing minutiae.’ Sunday Times

‘What a master of style and form she is.’ New Statesman

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