Oprah’s Book Club – Week Four

Welcome to our final discussion of “Demon Copperhead.” Was your heart racing reading those final chapters? Barbara Kingsolver truly leaves it all on the table while portraying the ravages of addiction and its impact on Demon and his community.

The line that most spoke to Oprah’s heart in these chapters was this one: “What matters in a story is the heart of its hero.” When was the last time we read a novel with a heart as big and as resilient as Demon’s? And it was exhilarating to find out that Demon can fly… he can find his way out of addiction, into love, and towards a life that includes doing something he loves.

So here’s Oprah’s final question for everyone: what do you think was the turning point for Demon? What was it that finally set him on the right course?

Please share your thoughts with us, and we hope you’ll join us on Oprah Daily this week for our Book Club discussion with author Barbara Kingsolver readers like you. It will be free for all to watch on Thursday, November 17th. And thank you, as always, for reading with us. #ReadWithUs

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