The Washington Post Reviews Demon Copperhead

“Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, this is the story of an irrepressible boy nobody wants, but readers will love….In a feat of literary alchemy, Kingsolver uses the fire of that boy’s spirit to illuminate — and singe — the darkest recesses of our country. The essential Americanness of Demon Copperhead feels particularly ironic given that Kingsolver has drawn her inspiration directly from one of England’s most celebrated classics: David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens….Kingsolver has reconceived the story in the fabric of contemporary life. Demon Copperhead is entirely her own thrilling story, a fierce examination of contemporary poverty and drug addiction tucked away in the richest country on Earth….you may be reminded of another orphaned boy slipping through the country’s underbrush, just trying to stay out of trouble: Huck Finn. With Demon, Kingsolver has created an outcast equally reminiscent of Twain’s masterpiece, speaking in the natural poetry of the American vernacular….with Demon Copperhead, she’s …providing her best demonstration yet of a novel’s ability to simultaneously entertain and move and plead for reform.”

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