Oprah’s Book Club – Week Two

Welcome to our latest discussion of “Demon Copperhead,” by author Barbara Kingsolver.

By now, our main character, Demon is eleven years old and in his second foster home with the McCobbs, who make him sleep on a rotted-out back porch and ask him to “chip in” for food. He’s being ostracized at school, partially because his dirty clothes have begun to smell, and is then sent off to work at a junkyard that doubles as a meth lab.

The word “pluck” is what comes to Oprah’s mind when she thinks of Demon and kids like him. He’s resilient — his human spirit can’t seem to be extinguished. What kind of determination, grit and hope do you think it takes to believe in something better out there and to trust again, even after being been let down so many times? Do you think Demon has the stuff to make it, or are the forces against him too great? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. #ReadWithUs

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